Rock Salt Brighouse

Rock Salt Brighouse

Established: 2012
Target Audience: Local businesses and homes in the Brighouse area
Utilising:html, css, Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts.

Rock Salt Brighouse

Not all websites have to have a lot of pages; this site is a nice example of a targeted landing page. Our brief was simple, set up a page to catch those people searching for ‘rock salt’ in the Brighouse area. Admittedly, not the busiest site in the summer, but when temperatures drop below 0°c we use geographic targeted Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to generate awareness of the service.

    Managed on a seasonal basis, activities include:
  • Marketing – creating and delivering timely and geographically targeted on-line advertising.
  • Maintenance – Ensures the collection and delivery of customers details and order to our client.
  • html 90%
  • php 10%
  • database 20%
  • CPC campaigns 75%

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